Sickly Particular

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Tell Me About Your Art: Breakups to Glow Ups with Brooklyn Art Duo Sickly Particular

by Sola Onitiri, Now Let's Get Going


Brooklyn-based artists Amber Elise Jones and Vanessa ‘Venusian’ Edwards are creating spaces  for women artists to unapologetically share their work and voice. Together, they have overseen and developed creative projects that cover the broad spectrum of mediums. From curating events to publishing zines, Sickly Particular pride themselves on their pro-active attitude, their eye for the unique, and dynamic duo inventiveness. I had a chance to speak with these artists about their mission and why being particular is all part of the glow up.

The birth of Sickly Particular started with the collaborative and supportive spirit that their shows and projects represent. Essentially, real recognized real in a major way.





Artist to Watch - Venusian: She's Damaged at Con Artist Collective

by Amber D. Smith, Left Ear Agency

Entering Venusians' solo show, She's Damaged at Con Artist Collective, I was instantly drawn into the stories she and curator, Amber Jones, created. Her prints, modest in size, encouraged you to lean in and study every glimpse she gave into the lives and psyche of the subjects.

Why She's One to Watch: Venusian is creating such necessary imagery with her work. Women and people of color being unapologetic about who they are, what they want and how they feel. Through her lens they are experiencing life and their surroundings, creating their own narratives and owning their moments.